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In Magnet Marketers Social Media Master Class, you’ll learn how to implement a social strategy from start to finish.

We’ve personally selected a dynamic group of trainers (in their areas of expertise) to teach you everything you need to know on subjects like blogging, email, and social media tools. With more than 30 topics, you’ll receive three videos each week for three months, sent directly to your inbox.

What you’ll get:

  • Proven successful strategies with action-based tasks
  • Videos straight to your inbox
  • Learning resources to enhance each video
  • Hand-picked trainers who excel in their specialty
  • Members only Facebook group with dedicated support

With Magnet Marketers Social Media Master Class you'll learn from more than 30 professionals with more than 30 training guides. Get certified on the social media best practices that will make your business grow.
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How to Be Different and Influence People In a Crowded Social World

Email Marketing

What’s Working Today


How to find keywords your audience is using to research your niche

Blog Writing

How to use blog posts to attract, educate and entertain


How to move blog visitors down the funnel toward a sale

Tone and format

How to write in a way that appeals to the online consumer

Type of content

Which types of content to use at each stage of the funnel


Live Video, SnapChat, Instagram and SO MUCH MORE

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