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Welcome to the Magnet Marketers Social Media Master Class

Isn’t it time to cut through all the noise and clutter? Sick of googling questions and receiving mixed answers? We’ve designed this course for someone like you, who already knows the basics and is looking for zero fluff, straight-shooting advice. If you want tactics you can implement now to see results for your business; this Social Media Master Class will deliver.

What is a Magnet Marketer?

A Magnet Marketer is someone who understands that relationships will always be more powerful than marketing. A Magnet Marketer understands that in order to win business and influence people to purchase from you, they must first trust you.

Let’s face it; people hate being sold to. And with so many companies bullhorning their messages every day, people have become great at avoiding advertising. So how do you win as a brand and reach people who don’t want to be bothered with ads?

You become a magnet! You draw people in by offering value, showing them you care, and helping solve their problems and reach their goals. You can be a magnet on your social media profiles and draw ideal buyers into your message while turning current customers into loyal brand advocates just by showing them you listen and care. Ready to learn the art of Magnet Marketing?

The Magnet Marketer Mission

Founded by Jessika Phillips in 2015, and what started as a Live video interview series that focused on being a “Magnet with your Marketing vs. a Bullhorn,” Jessika’s goal was and is assist businesses to harness the power of relationships in marketing on social media. She started a co-hosted show with her team in 2016 and added in a co-host Mike Gingerich shortly after. The Magnet Marketing Mission is to help you learn the art of growing repeat and referral business. We’ve outlined this course to walk you through what you need to know to build a strong online presence and attract your ideal audience.

How it works

We’ve hand-picked trainers and digital influencers, who simply “get it” and are willing to teach you their tricks of the trade without all the “fluff.” We’ve looked at each area that is essential to building a relationship marketing strategy, organizing this course into easy how-to videos that will help you set up the best long-term digital marketing plan.

You will receive three training videos in your inbox each week. Each video has a coach who was hand-picked for that particular topic. At the end of the video, you will receive additional helpful resources to complete the section.

We have also set up a Magnet Marketers Facebook Group, where all the trainers are accessible for questions and feedback on your marketing.

We have 34 of the top digital influencers ready to help you and your business now!

Become a certified Magnet Marketer

At the end of the training video, we have set up a certification course where you can show off the skills you’ve learned. After the course, you can take an optional test to become a Certified Magnet Marketer.
Show your certificate with pride: You are part of a movement of marketers that cares more about the customers you serve. Become a certified Magnet Marketer

Learn at your own pace, on your own time

Whatever time is right for you, whether it’s 3 a.m. or during your lunch break, you’ll be able to access the trainings. Our resources are available for you to watch, listen, and learn at your own pace.

Ready to get started? Become a certified Magnet Marketer