Social media changes incoming October 2017

Keeping you up-to-date: social media updates to look out for in October 2017

October 4, 2017

What’s been happening on social media and what to look for in October 2017

Every couple weeks, we try to do a round-up of all the changes, updates, and news in the social media sphere. There’s a lot happening; the social game changes quickly to offer new features to its users, both consumers and media-producers. We’re catching you up on some of the most recent roll-outs, as well as some stuff that’s in the pipeline.

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Interactive poll sticker

By using this new tool, you can poll your friends. Instagram’s new interactive poll sticker is a fun, new way to ask other people’s opinions. The sticker offers a two-option poll in your story. Once you’ve taken a photo or video, select the “poll” sticker and position it anywhere you’d like. Write out the question and choose the choices.

Once you’ve added the post to your story, friends and followers can start voting immediately. You’ll see the real-time results. Friends can also see which choice is in the lead in real-time.

Get help choosing tomorrow’s outfit, which sandwich to get, or what color to paint your nails!


Instagram’s new comment moderation tools are making it easier to remove offensive posts. If you have a public account, you can now limit comments to specific groups of people, such as your followers or people you follow. Both private and public accounts will be able to block accounts from commenting in their posts.

Part of Instagram’s strategy to reduce abuse on the platform, the social media platform will also be updating the automated filter to block heinous comments. Tools cover Arabic, French, German and Portuguese-language content. Instagram has stated this tool will improve with time.

Shopify with Instagram

One of the largest online ecommerce sites is teaming up with Instagram to offer shopping integration on the platform. Shopify is opening up Instagram integration to thousands of online merchants as we lead up to the holiday season. This adds yet another sales channel to Shopify, who already has Facebook, Messenger, Buzzfeed, and more under it’s belt.

On Instagram, the new shopping feature will allow tagging of products that are available for sale, and then letting users purchase them directly within the app. This will roll-out to a test group initially, and then will be turned on for more stores and sellers.


Hashtags on Pinterest

You are now able to use hashtags in your pins for searchable hashtag topics. Pinterest says hashtags will work just like they do anywhere else. When you add hashtags to the description for a new Pin, other Pinners can visit a feed of all the Pins that share that hashtag. The freshest pins will be found at the top, regardless of promoted pins.


Twitter testing doubled character counts

Twitter may be expanding its character limits to double what it used to be. Tweets have always been 140 characters, and Twitter is considering changing the limit to 280, giving lots more room for saying whatcha want to say. Twitter says this will help users be more expressive.

“Our research shows us that the character limit is a major cause of frustration for people tweeting in English,” Twitter announced in a blog post. “When people don’t have to cram their thoughts into 140 characters and actually have some to spare, we see more people Tweeting — which is awesome!”

This will affect all languages except Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, whom twitter says already have more than enough room to express ideas. The update is only available to a small group of people right now as Twitter tries out the new limit and the platform will update us as they continue to test the larger character count.


Facebook allows repeating events

Facebook has added a new feature that lets you create repeating events. If you have a regular event that you want to add to the Facebook calendar, it’s now a lot simpler. Instead of creating a new event from scratch every week, you can edit an old event, click the gear icon and choose “Create Repeat Event.” You can have an event repeat for up to one year.


SnapChat is launching AR art platform

Snapchat has continued to integrate augmented reality into the platform, and their latest venture into the AR world involves pop artist Jeff Koons. Snapchat is launching an augmented reality art platform that will allow art to be pinned to specific locations in AR so users can see it when they hold up their phones in the right spot. Snapchat is also asking other artists to sign-up if they want their art added to the platform.


Snapchat-style geofilters for events and conferences

LinkedIn is taking a page out of Snapchat’s book and will be rolling out geofilters for events and conferences. The filters are a part of the new in-app video creation feature that lets LinkedIn users record and share videos directly from the app. Filters will be available this week at the Grace Hopper Celebration conference. LinkedIn says it will make filter available to more events in the future.

The filters let event attendees add specific illustrations based on location, and they can place them in videos they create and share within the app.

The filters are designed to look like conference badges, with the user’s profile picture in the right-hand corner. It will state with or not the person sharing is a speaker or not.

LinkedIn adds video to app

As video becomes integral to social media platforms, LinkedIn is joining the party with its own video capability. Any user is now able to upload a video to the site within the platform’s app. This allows users to create videos that highlight their professional work and projects. The app is aiming to let users showcase their work-related videos.

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