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Why you need a personal brand

May 10, 2017

How your personal brand can lead to business growth

Personal branding can be the difference between getting you a sale or losing one to someone else. And while it may sound complicated, it’s really not! All it takes is a little self-reflection and some outward effort and you can grow your personal brand.

What is personal branding? Well, it’s the practice of marketing yourself and your career as a brand. It is the ongoing process of establishing a prescribed image or impression on others. Branding is done in multiple ways. You can brand yourself, a group, or an organization.

Basically, branding is how you get people to remember you. It can be the difference between choosing one web developer over another. Our world is getting smaller. Branding is how you stand out and get noticed.

You don’t have to own your own company to do this, either. Personal branding can be done even if you are on the bottom of the corporate ladder. In fact, branding yourself will help you stand out, and may even help you climb the ladder.

It can also help the internal structure of businesses, ensuring that people are aware of their strengths and placing key people in the right position to grow the business.

So, how do you get started? You first to need to identify your personal brand.

What do you do better?

Start with looking at what you do better than anyone else. Figure out what strengths you have. If you’re not sure, there are many tools online. Take a personality test, like this free one. Purchase Strengths Finder, which will map out your strengths for you. Another great resource is the book How the World Sees You by Sally Hogshead and her personality test found here

Not only can these resources help you figure out your strengths, they can let you know what kinds of people may be your best fit to help you all stand out and work together. By knowing your skill set and combining it with other people you can achieve greater success. This is especially great in an organization because you can team up with others for a well-rounded experience. Maybe you’re great at collaborating and bringing everyone together. But you might not be great at the details. Combining strengths means your team can be great at both.

Lastly, knowing what your strengths are can help you sharpen and refine them.

What do you like to do?

Take some time to think about what are you known for doing in your industry. What would you like to be known for in the future? How does that align with what you are currently doing?

It’s also a good idea to find out how others view you. Consider asking your network of friends, family, and professionals to share with you four words they would use to describe you.

Another good exercise is to write your mission statement. Choose one for your personal brand. Incorporate what you would like to do into it. Think about how you help others succeed. Give examples.

How to become known for your personal brand

One word: consistency! You need a consistent message and style across all boards. If you have a statement, update your social media profile to match. Introduce yourself, using that statement whenever you can. Make it stick, and make it “you.”

Additionally, make sure your email signatures, hashtags, custom images, merchandise, etc., all have consistent messaging and pick your own unique style.

Update your bio on your website. Call out the strengths you have, share with people what you’re passionate about, and what your mission is.

Consider joining groups, both online and within your community, where you can add value in your niche. If you’re a leader, join a leadership group. Whatever your strengths are, find a group of people to build yourself up in. Iron sharpens iron, so find complementing people to improve yourself.

That doesn’t mean you should only hang out with those who are like you. Also, seek out and align with people who fill the gaps of things you’re maybe not so good at. Together, we can help each other get where you want to be.

Have you started working on your branding?

Let us know what you have done to build your personal brands!

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